A Successful Venture into the World of Mining at Mining Indaba 2023

As Mining Indaba drew to a close on 9 February 2023, it certainly proved to be the place for learning more and networking within the Mining Industry in Africa!  Some notable trends that our channel partner, Aliya Dume, mentioned are: energy transition, circularity, decarbonisation, green metals, infrastructure, supply chain and technological distributions, hydrogen, investments. We had multiple meetings revealing how broad certain needs are and their challenges.

Energy consumption and emissions are the biggest challenges. 62% of regional energy generation is thermal. To contribute to 2C path, South Africa needs to cuts its emissions by 70% by 2050. South Africa is the top 3 countries in the world for the renewable energy potential. Facing the increasing demand on raw materials brings the question on local value creation, supply chain and new business models by Africa within new geopolitical reality.

Did you know that 80% of cobalt, the critical element for energy transition, is produced in DRC, but 80% is processed in China?

Many organizations around the world choose Rocky DEM to evaluate their bulk material handling system. Rocky DEM simulates granular flow quickly and accurately, providing more similarity to real-world conditions than ever before.

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