Ansys Rocky Webinar Series

From candies to grass clippings, from bottles to powder metals, from snowflakes to inhalers: particles are everywhere, and engineers need to understand and predict the behavior of particulate systems. This miniature webinar series will help you discover Ansys Rocky, a discrete element method (DEM) simulation software.

Rocky quickly and accurately simulates the material behavior of particulate systems. DEM simulations typically solve for external forces acting on particles, as well as particle-particle interactions and particle-equipment interactions. To simulate these types of real-world engineering applications, it isimportant for engineering simulation to represent the real particle shape. Rocky accounts for arbitrary particle shapes and complex particle physics.

This webinar series features 15-minute demonstrations showcasing how Rocky can be used to solve some of your most challenging particle simulations. Beyond particles, the webinars show you how to couple with Ansys Fluent and Ansys Mechanical workflows for fast, accurate multiphysics solutions.

Have a look at all the on demand Webinars:

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