The Road to Innovation is Driven by Simulation

Driven by SIM is an exciting new video series that shows how simulation enables the rapid innovation transforming the way we move on the street, off-road, or at the track. Each episode celebrates breakthrough tech that’s paving the way for safer, faster, cleaner, more connected driving experiences.

Episode 1: Building a Champion

The Christian Horner-led Oracle Red Bull Racing team of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez appears poised for one of the best Formula 1 seasons on record. The team’s incredible success requires mastery of F1 race car design and engineering. See how Oracle Red Bull Racing preps for each course using Ansys engineering simulation software to consider how variables such as the course layout, car weighting, weather conditions, air pressure, and temperature will affect their car’s performance.

Episode 2: How We’ll Move

The driving experience is becoming automated thanks to the harmonious function of an incredible network of advanced technologies, sensors, and response mechanisms. In this episode, EasyMile and Innoviz demonstrate how Ansys simulation is making breakthrough technologies a reality faster than we imagined, forever changing how we’ll move.

Episode 3: Pursuing Perfection

A team and brand recognized the world over, Ferrari’s reputation is built on their relentless pursuit of excellence in motorsport. Ansys helps Ferrari chase perfection in various ways, from accelerated development of new car concepts to providing the real-time insights needed to guide on-track decision making. Ansys is also a key technical partner of the Ferrari Challenge, supporting one of the greatest customer experience events in motor racing.

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