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ANSYS Fluent Brings CFD Performance with Intel Processors and Fabrics

It takes a convergence of numerous factors in a High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster to drive application performance as both computer power and software efficiency scale. The main goal is for the CPU/memory complex along with the HPC Fabric interconnect to provide scalable computing power to the application. Intel® Xeon® processors and the Intel® True Scale Fabric provides the scalable power used by ANSYS® Fluent® software and many other HPC applications. Performance results demonstrate how effectively performance can scale when a purpose designed HPC cluster network such as the Intel® True Scale Fabric, supplies the cluster scaling power.

All while each generation of application software becomes more efficient and each CPU generation gains in processing power. HPC applications need to scale in every aspect of clusters to reduce the wall-clock time needed get to the required answers. ANSYS Fluent is a state-of-the-art application that falls into the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) classification. It contains the wide-ranging physical modeling capabilities needed to model flow, turbulence, heat transfer etc. An example of this is the ability to model air flow over a plane wing, before it is even built. This reduces overall design costs and enables design optimization before the first prototype needs to be built.


  • I would like to hereby express my vote of confidence in Qfinsoft, in their ability to service and provide a strong support to us as a company.  We have been a customer of Qfinsoft for over a year and I am pleased to compliment them on their impeccable service offered to us thus far

    - Nico Gunther, Powertech Transformers

  • Since the introduction of ANSYS, more students are using first principles and FEA to validate their designs. This year, more than 60% of the projects were using FEA as a standard approach for numerical calculation. This number shows the huge impact ANSYS, had on University of Pretoria. FEA is not anymore a specialised tool for few users but a standard engineering tool easily integrated in the design process.

    - Francesco Pietra, University of Pretoria

  • For their consulting, training and technical support, Qfinsoft (Pty) Ltd must be the first choice of any firm looking for CAE experts

    - Prof G Akdogan, Process Engineering, University of Stellenbosch

  • At Aerospace, we have successfully used the ANSYS suite of tools to design high-performance gas turbine engines. Throughout this program, Qfinsoft provided valuable support and assistance to accelerate the development of our models. Their accessibility, short-turn around times and willingness to go beyond what is expected make them an effective partner on our projects. 

    - Dr. Hannes Pretorius

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