What will you learn if you do watch this Video:

 1. How you can use digital exploration to quickly evaluate changes in design, reducing development costs and preventing late-stage design changes

 2. How digital prototyping enables you to provide insights into real-world product performance, test "what-if" scenarios and ensure optimal designs
 3. How simulation is moving downstream of the product lifecycle through the use of digital twins to increase efficiency and to decrease unplanned downtime
 Here is a list of ANSYS 18.0 Launch recorded Webinars:
1. ANSYS 18.0 Launch Webinar recording:

Join the new CEO of ANSYS, Ajei Gopal, and visionary customers Cummins, Nebia, Oticon, Metso, GE Digital as they demonstrate the power of pervasive simulation. You'll also hear directly from the ANSYS development teams that have worked tirelessly to produce the latest version of our industry-leading solutions. They'll discuss how ANSYS 18 deepens and strengthens the ANSYS engineering simulation platform — and how it supports new applications

Taming Product Complexity with Pervasive Engineering Simulation

2. ANSYS 18.0  Breakout webinar recordings:

Fluid Dynamics Innovations in ANSYS 18

Mechanical Simulation Innovations in ANSYS 18

Electromagnetic Simulation Innovations in ANSYS 18

Embedded Software System Simulation Innovations in ANSYS 18

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