We live in a world where multiple physical forces are at play, and the products we produce are often subject to many of these physical forces simultaneously. Fluid forces, thermal effects, structural integrity and electromagnetic radiation can all impact performance of products and industrial processes. If you try to isolate the multiple forces in play, you may not get an accurate prediction of behavior. ANSYS multiphysics solutions can help engineers examine these effects in combination and isolation, achieving the highest fidelity solution when it's needed.

Deep, proven solver technology from ANSYS is a given. Applying this solver technology to multiphysics simulation is the next step for many engineers. See below for the range of ANSYS multiphysics offering available to meet your needs

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The breadth of ANSYS physics in a single, easy to use environment for all engineers. Combine the breadth and depth of ANSYS flagship products in multiphysics simulations.


With the latest release of ANSYS AIM, you can further accelerate product design through upfront simulation, eliminate late-stage design changes and reduce the number of costly physical prototypes. Upfront simulation helps you make informed decisions early in the product’s lifecycle, improving your productivity and minimizing the need for rework and redesign later in the process. AIM makes upfront simulation easy by combining intuitive, guided workflows, accurate simulation results and customization in a complete simulation tool covering a broad range of physics. ANSYS AIM enhances upfront simulation for magnetic frequency response and thermal management and extends collaboration among designers and analysts.

Upfront simulation optimizes magnetic frequency response and thermal management

With AIM you can perform upfront simulation of magnetic frequency response and thermal management — including induced eddy/displacement currents and induction heating— of electromagnetic devices such as transformers, converters and bus bars. AIM’s single user interface, streamlined workflows and automatic adaptive solution enable you to easily evaluate both the magnetic and thermal performance of electromagnetic designs.


ANSYS AIM offers guided workflows to perform single-discipline or multiphysics simulations in an easy-to-use environment.

Improve collaboration between designers and analysts

AIM now makes engineering collaboration easier by letting you transfer simulation models from AIM to either Mechanical or Fluent via a Workbench project schematic connection. You can quickly transfer model data to ANSYS flagship solver products, which helps simulation analysts to either validate results or include more advanced structural or fluid physics in the simulation.

Quickly define real-world boundary conditions

Enhanced expression capabilities in AIM let you use solution-dependent expressions for fluid boundary conditions and position dependent expressions for structural boundary conditions. With these new expression capabilities, you can quickly define the real-world conditions acting on your product designs.

Efficiently simulate one-way fluid-structure interaction

Simulating one-way fluid-structure interaction with structural shell elements is now possible in AIM. You can now model with shell elements a one-way transfer of fluid force from either an internal or external flow to a structural simulation.

Create effective images and animations to share your simulation results

As important as it is to get accurate results, it’s just as important to communicate those results effectively to colleagues and customers. The new post-processing tools in AIM enable you to generate impactful images and animations of qualitative results. Results contours, vectors, streamlines and calculated values, as well as multiple simulation results, can now be combined in a single display.

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