Explicit Dynamics

ANSYS Explicit STR, like ANSYS Mechanical, simulates the response of structures to loadings. Explicit STR extends the capabilities of Mechanical to problems involving short-duration severe loading, large material deformation and material failure. The explicit solution method can handle geometries with complex nonlinear contact that may cause difficulty with the implicit solver in ANSYS Mechanical. It is an analysis system integrated within ANSYS Workbench, using the same familiar graphical user interface (GUI) as ANSYS Mechanical and other integrated analysis systems. If you already use ANSYS Mechanical, shifting to Explicit STR is fairly quick, so you can produce results without a lot of learning effort.

Develop the basic skills necessary to implement complete Explicit Dynamics solution procedures in ANSYS Mechanical. Efficiently simulate the dynamic response of highly transient, highly nonlinear physical phenomena like drop testing, metal forming, and ballistic impact. Utilize the extensive library of nonlinear material models and body-to-body contact to produce faithful representations of real-world physical systems.

Drop Test of a Mobile Phone

Drop Test of a Mobile Phone

Explicit Dynamics Overview

Explicit STR uses explicit time integration to solve the equations of motion. It solves short-duration problems with complex material response yet makes it easy to set up a problem with minimum input and effort. Explicit STR easily handles the response of materials from impacts, high pressures, and other forms of loading that result in deformation, failure and fragmentation. Companies in aerospace, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, consumer products and other industries use Explicit STR to improve their designs through simulation

Explicit Dynamics Features

Ease of Use

  • Easy Transition to Explicit
  • Reduced Setup Effort
  • Full Control
  • Integrated Environment
                                                 Pump Blade Burst
Pump Blade Burst

Explicit Dynamics Brochures

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